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about having Dharma teachings/starting a Buddhist community in your local area.

Mindfulness Meditation Centers provide crystal-clear meditation guidance and instruction for all levels, from starters with little experience to those eager for advanced retreats and practices. Each center offers high-quality meditation instruction as a training and support for by both weekend and long-term retreats.

All of the teachers at the center are experienced Western practitioners well-seasoned in deep meditation retreat. Our teachers offer both group teaching as well as opportunities for individual instruction, and focus on the central practices of Buddhism: mindfulness, awakening and methods which lead directly to realization.

Mindfulness of breathing, of feeling tones and of mind & thoughts (the Four Foundations of Mindfulness) are the principal meditation focus. All meditations are imbued with equanimity, joy, compassion, and loving kindness practices. As you focus on the core of the Buddha's teaching, you may find that your practice grows and that you have a deeper understanding of the personal journey.

Foundational classes are perfect for anyone new to mindfulness and no prior experience is required. Weekly advanced classes have a purposeful & intentional focus with a periodic change of emphasis and topic. Both classes include a guided meditation as a method of learining a tempo or pace for individual practice. Meditation periods begin with the development of calm abiding, which is used as a platform for insight or vipasanna and the development of wisdom.

People are invited to enter the classes at any time, with any level of experience, or from any background in meditation as the teachings we offer are non-hierarchical in nature and non-sectarian. All are welcome, regardless of background.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, or simply drop in for a class to get a firsthand experience. There is no obligation. Come and see for yourself or contact us at or 303-883-6820 for more information.